We are Sidekicks, Inc.

We are a quirky, diverse, interdisciplinary team of product lovers, data scientists, engineers, designers and technologists that proudly make Bounce Screener, the Bounce network and the Bounce platform. We created Bounce not only because we believe everyone can (and should!) be protected by their own powerful personal agent but also to be a great place for people who want to create practical applications of AI to learn, explore, and grow as professionals. Our team is small, but mighty, and passionate.

Let 1,000 assistants bloom

We believe in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to empower humanity with benevolent A.I. We build the platform for Bounce... to give billions of people their own personal agent - a bot that is useful, purposeful and out to do good.

Join us

We're on a mission to end the reign of robocallers & phone spammers. Like the idea of helping millions of people today and working on practical AI?? Say hi!

Moshe Krush

iOS Jedi

Priorities: code, knowledge, growth

Travel Chu

iOS Machine

Priorities: code, knowledge, growth

Sharon Lifshits

Server Lord

Priorities: code, knowledge, growth

Avi Mastov

Mobile Jedi

Priorities: code, knowledge, growth

Yarden Shem-Tov

Server Empath

Priorities: code, knowledge, growth

Rosina Pissaco


Priorities: experience, understanding, exploration, growth

... and let's not forget about these trouble-makers:


heads down, then up

Priorities: team, product, distribution, network, growth


heads up, then down

Priorities: team, distribution, product, network, growth

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